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Tell me more, Steve…

About Sonder Lust

Steve M Nash

Hello, my name is Steve M Nash and if you’re on this page you hopefully know a little about who I am and the work that I do.

Essentially, I created, and the free guide to the Inside-Out Understanding that is

So what is “Sonder Lust”, then?

Well, the term was coined by me as a title for my new podcast (coming soon), but I think it’s a wonderful summary of what’s motivated my work since 2008, when I created the guru-free self-help site: Self Help Collective. Here’s what I mean:

  • SONDER - n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own (as coined by John Koenig).
  • SONDER LUST - n. the desire to share caring, curious, often counterintuitive and occasionally challenging yet common insights into being human (as coined by Steve M Nash).

The work I create and share from now on will focus solely on the common humanity that’s in all of us.

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“Humans are by and large the same with the same needs, the same values, the same desires… and the same awful biases that pit them haplessly against each other.”

Mark Manson

Knowing (and remembering) this makes a difference, don’t you think?…


(1 PDF e-book, 50 pages, and 365 inspirational quotes – daily encouragement to “be the change”.)

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