We Need to Talk About “Donald”…

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Is “Donald Trump” the real problem, then? (As well as those that are like him or support and value him?) Is the default reaction of destroy and discredit the only solution? Or, is it possible to listen to AND learn from the behaviour called “Donald”, instead?…

So I wrote and first published the following somewhat poetic, potentially controversial piece on November 8th, 2016. (As a part of a stillt-to-be-finished book, Can I Be Me and Can You Be You?) That was the date of the US presidential elections, in case you don’t know. Between Donald Trump, and Hilary Clinton. A piece that was inspired by all the fear (on all sides) that surrounded that election.

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POETIC: We Need to Talk About “Donald”…

What about Donald Trump? What about divisiveness, deviousness and deceit? What about the devil and the deep blue sea?

How does “being yourself” help here?

And what about disease and disillusionment, the welfare of women, or the poverty of the planet?

What’s love got to do, got to do with any of it?

How about about paedophiles, psychopaths and other social pariahs? Or pervasive pernicious “propaganda”? How about you, too, and all your perennial problems?

  • Will being yourself make all that go away?
  • Is being yourself really the magic bullet?
  • Can peace on earth really be so simple?

Ahh, we need to talk about “Donald”! We need to talk about “Donald”.

First things first, then, “Donald” is a behaviour not a person. Repeat: “Donald” is a behaviour, not a person.

And some behaviours are wiser and more loving than others; some behaviours more welcomed, easier to express.

And ‘behaviour’ is merely thinking in the moment that makes sense to believe in and trust. But thinking changes. And what is believed in changes, too. If you let it.

Let go of negativity, then. Let your frustrations flow. Let your indecision and doubt flourish. Don’t resist anything, not even “Donald”. Not even your arrogance (or dislike of it). Don’t resist “Donald”.

Next “Donald” goes by many names, like Doris and Boris and Derek. Donald goes by your name, too. Because “Donald” is you and you are “Donald”.

For example, did you know that “Donald” is often a “Donald-denier”, and occasionally a “Donald-excuser” and sometimes a “Donald-defender”.

At its simplest: no you, no “Donald”.

, “Donald” is a messenger, nothing more. A warning. A guidance.

So don’t shoot the messenger, don’t shoot! Listen, notice, understand – and be curious instead.

Learn from “Donald”, please learn. Otherwise “Donald” becomes “DONALD” becomes “DONALD! DONALD! DONALD! OUT, OUT, OUT!”

Let mole hills be mole hills, not mountains.

Don’t resist “Donald”.

Hold back your defences.

And listen.

(You do know how to listen, don’t you? You do know where your answers come from? You do know that there will always be problems, as long as there is you?)

Because you don’t defeat “Donald” by becoming “Donald”. Just as hate is not diminished by more hate. And fear never douses out fear.

And fear manifests itself in oh so many painful ways. Loathing. Anger. Violence. Destruction. “Donald”.

Love is the answer and love is never wrong. Even “Donald” knows this. (Don’t you?)

And love is you being you (and me being me).

Remember: There will always be disagreements, always be discord. Individuality almost demands it. So does culture. And landscape. And climate.

But disagreements can be welcomed, and learned from, rather than routinely resisted.

Let a mole hill be a mole hill.

Let love be love.

What about Donald Trump, then?

Be like “Donald” in response, or be like love?

You know what to do next, you do! You know what to do…


Donald Trump’s an interesting one. Certainly, in part, a reflection of the collective conscious. My own take on ‘difficult’ people is that I am okay with calling a spade a spade but it’s interesting to look at the things we don’t like about the Trumps and Clintons of this world and examine if we treat ourselves in a similar way.

Andy (2016)

It seems apropos to use the word “Donald” for personality traits generally considered to be unwanted. What a wonderful, positive transformation and use for the Donald Trump election campaigning experience.

Will (Nov 8, 2016)*

This was inspiring.

Yes, there is indeed something a person can do about it 🙂

Will (Sep, 2021)*

What Do You Think?

Whether you’ve come across this piece of mine before or not, I’d love it if you gave me some feedback on it. Did the piece move you? Did it shine a light on the human condition, on your condition, just a little bit? Or is it all too woolly (or worse)? Do tell. Please.

And if this stirs in you an interest to wonder what these words might mean for you, in your life, you can always buy my Start Where You Are 90-Day Self-Exploratory Journal and find out.

* Note: Will first read this piece on my CanIBeMe.org website in 2016, and then he got to read it again as part of his subscription to the Daily Delight daily quotes email – thanks, Will! 🙂

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